Grounding Depths

Pictured: Purification, 2014. Distemper, oil, and pastel on panel, 48" x 384". (View from final panel)

Meditation is approached by various means. Ultimately, its practice is intended to reveal a truth, which is outside of rational, earthly limitations. In recent years, meditation has come to play an instrumental role in my personal life, and therefore, it has directly influenced my artwork. I am motivated by a thirst for awareness, a greater understanding of true self. The Tibetan Book of the Dead illustrates the attainment of nirvāna as disassociating the human body with self-identity. It is explained:


"…since one does not discern the abiding nature,
Which is the fundamental reality of [all] things,
One is cast into cyclic existence, not knowing that appearances
are to be identified with the mind,
And, not discerning one's own mind to be Buddha, nirvāna
becomes obscured."


Grounding Depths, composed of six large-scale paintings, marries this notion with the ethereal effects of SCUBA diving. Diving along the island of Bonaire, I was able to experience a world of limited understanding and endless possibility. The resulting paintings explore a deeper understanding of my own perceptions and realities through metaphor. They invite contemplation and stillness. Embodying something that cannot be seen, they are internal, primal responses to my physical and spiritual understanding.

© 2018 Katie Boatman